Setting the Table

My favorite part of having a Dinner Party is setting the table. But I am like a kid in a candy store ~ EVERY PART IS MY FAVORITE PART!

I always set the table the night BEFORE the party. I want to have time to play with it – shift it all around until it is just right. SO MUCH FUN when you have plenty of time.

I have collected a lot of dishes over the years. It seems I get the best FINDS at flea markets and estate sales. If there are only a couple of place settings or a single glass you LOVE don’t hesitate to get it. It is fun to mix and match dishes for an eclectic and interesting table. My motto is – DON’T BE A PATTERN COWARD.

There are all sorts of interesting options for napkins these days. This gives you so many opportunities to use pops of beautiful color via your napkin choice. I also still love the CLASSIC ironed linen napkin. ALWAYS iron in advance ~ it is a real bummer the day of the party. Enlist a friend or sister and invest in a bottle of bubbly or wine and get out the ironing board 🤓

I can just keep going and going decorating the table – I never know when to STOP. I love these sparkles glass fruits from the 60’s (Remember there were giant ones like these folks used for chandeliers). Anyway ~ these small ones look great placed next to your water decanter for a little extra sparkle.

Also don’t forget all of your flower containers – just place them here and there.

along with your small candle holders. Ok – STOP ME !!!

The last step before you sit down for Dinner is to light your larger candles.

So gather your dishes, glasses, silverware and napkins and CREATE SOME MAGIC OF YOUR OWN.

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