A Special Birthday Party – Rock’in 60

Nothing I like better than a THEMED party. What better reason for doing just that than My Hubby’s 60th BIRTHDAY!

Having said that I think a BACK TO THE 60’S theme is perfect. Here are TWO HIPSTERS

IT is a fun way to ENTERTAIN PLUS it gives guests a chance to STRUT THEIR STUFF. You will be surprised how creative and ALL OUT THERE your guests will be! I invited 8 couples that we HANG with.

Since we had more folks than the number that fit around the dining table I had the problem of “WHO GET’S TO SIT WITH THE BIRTHDAY BOY?” But I CONQUERED IT!

By separating the DUDES & CHICKS at two tables

There are so many great DECORATIONS on-line these days. Got these GREAT BALLOONS and stuff. You will find SO MUCH it is hard to CHOOSE

If you have a MOMENTOUS reason for a party (like 60 years 😲) it is fun to share the person’s LIFE with guests by displaying items and pictures throughout the YEARS. College days, children moments and other memorabilia.

Since our theme was the 60’s I wanted to have something from that ERA on the buffet. Nothing to me says 1960’s like SHRIMP COCKTAIL.

I remember I thought they were so FANCY and I still love them today.

They are so easy to put together. You will never buy COCKTAIL SAUCE again. Check out how to make it.

It was a GREAT NIGHT and I highly recommend THE THEME PARTY 🎉

HAVING FUN! Hubby is the cool HIPPY DUDE with the JEANS & HEADBAND 🥰


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Marie Barnhart says:

    Fabulous party! Everything was DPG perfect.


  2. Debbie Kness says:

    SO MUCH FUN !!!
    You are the BEST at planning a party❤️


    1. dpguru says:

      Thanks. As always my pleasure.


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