Thanksgiving – The Children’s Table

When I was growing up the CHILDREN were usually SHUTTLED to the side at THANKSGIVING. PAPER plates, PLASTIC forks and cups and eat WHERE EVER YOU CAN … GET THE PICTURE??

I am GLAD that is changing. This THANKSGIVING make a special table for the children. Give them a “GOLD” turkey, some special CHINA (heavy duty plastic), SILVER (your good stainless), and a beautiful GLASS(tumbler – easy to hold).

Pick a unique NAPKIN RING. Kids LOVE those.

DECORATE with ceramic TURKEYS, ACORNS and PUMPKINS. Kids love colorful PLACE CARDS – PLUS no fussing and fighting about where they are going to SIT!

As the children will pass by the MAIN DINING ROOM where we will have beautiful FLOWERS, I like for them to have FLOWERS TOO.

I also always have a GIFT for each child that I place by their SPOON. This year I chose a Christmas ornament, a WREATH with a LITTLE FOX 🦊 curled up in the middle.

It always WARMS MY HEART when they come on Thanksgiving and say “OH WE HAVE A TABLE TOO”. So if you have LITTLE ONES remember they DESERVE some MAGIC AT THANKSGIVING set a table just for them!

Come VISIT ME over on YouTube and see the whole FUN AND GLORIOUS process.

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  1. LA CONTESSA says:

    I have tried to SUBSCRIBE to your BLOG but its telling me my email is incorrect!I have TWO EMAILS so tried the other one and that too wouldn’t TAKE!Believe me I did it right!
    Something is amiss in your set up!
    Check in on that!


    1. dpguru says:

      Elizabeth I tested it and appears I can subscribe. Please let me know if does not work for you if you still wish to subscribe. Sorry did not see this message until now.


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