Overnight Guests – 6 Touches That Will Charm Them


Since we live quite FAR from the city I often encourage Dinner Party guests to spend the night.

I so enjoy getting everything ready to make both their Dinner and STAY extra special.

Let’s walk through it.


It is fun to collect beautiful SOAPS, bath liquid and CANDLES. Nothing like being able to INDULGE your quests a little. Who doesn’t enjoy a wonderful smelling candle or like to lather themselves in delicious smells 🤗 For an unexpected touch have fresh flowers in the bath too.


No matter how fresh you “think” they are ALWAYS LAUNDER your quest’s towels and bed linens. There is just something about getting into a fresh crisp bed or drying with a line dried (well maybe dryer dried) towel that makes for a perfect sleep.


Guests love a spot where they can sit by themselves before bed or lounge with that first cup of Jo and be in their PJ’s. So, if you can, make a private sitting area for them. I like to think of this space as a special “tuck box” where my guests can just relax. Some recent magazines and books are also a nice touch for this area.


To add a special AMBIANCE to the guest room I always like to include candles and flowers. I do however recommend ones that are not scented. While I personally love scented ones some people may be sensitive to that ~ especially when they get ready to go to sleep. Don’t forget to also leave a box of matches next to the candles.


There is a reason 5 Star hotels always have CHOCOLATES! There are so many delicious sweet treats you could include ~ pieces of chocolate, cookies, nuts, … I also like to include some bottled water so quests don’t have to get up in the middle of the night in unfamiliar surroundings to get a drink.


Always before I go to bed I lay out some “pre-breakfast ” stuff so if guests get up first they can HELP THEMSELVES. It is good to have coffee pods (make sure your Keurig is fully filled with water), cream & sugar, cups, croissants, jellies, etc all set out.

But another special thing to do is also serve them a full breakfast. Randy, hubby, fries up bacon and sausage, I make a Quiche and French Toast. Add some fruit and maybe tomatoes drizzled with balsamic and viola you have a Guest Breakfast Extravaganza!


Regardless of whether you try any of these ideas just remember to make your quests feel at home and wish them pleasant dreams. They will LOVE IT.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. D.A. Wolf says:

    All excellent suggestions. Love the added touch of chocolates and a flower.


    1. dpguru says:

      Thanks. You are always welcome and I will have chocolates and flowers for you😀


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