Small Dinner Party for Family or Friend

I LOVE hosting all sorts of Dinner parties but my FAVORITE is for one family member or friend.

You can totally concentrate on food that person enjoys and have wonderful conversations centered around ALL that is going on in their life plus update them on YOURS.

Our Son , who now lives in the city , is coming out for the weekend. So guess what – I’M GOING TO HAVE A DINNER PARTY!

Here is why I LOVE this type of a Dinner Party

We are BIG on having something RIGHT AWAY after the guest arrives. We want to start “PIGGING AND SWIGGING” immediately!

So I always prepare a great NOSH BOARD.

GRAPES (hint: gather some leaves from your yard to add to grapes, looks like you have your own private vineyard), great CHEESES, crunchy CRACKERS, salty CHIPS and of course YUMMY WINES.

Here’s how I DO IT

When you entertain ONE PERSON have their FAVORITES.


Ingredients are SIMPLE – all the ingredients in the NAME plus Cilantro and Chopped Basil. Top with a good ripe Avocado, balsamic dressing with a little honey, and grind of fresh pepper and Himalayan sea salt.


Another favorite of our Son is ROAST CHICKEN (for years it was Chicken Nuggets but now he is GROWN UP).

So SIMPLE and DELICIOUS. Just a good plump hen coated in olive oil and stuffed with lemons plus sprinkled with Braggs Season plus a good grind of sea salt and some Fresh Rosemary tucked in here and there and you are GOOD TO GO! Add some Potatoes and Carrots with a little more olive oil.

Bake in 450 degree oven for an hour and half (for a 4 to 5 pound hen) and you have ROAST CHICKEN. And the smell definitely says WELCOME HOME!

Want to make it? My PLEASURE

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  1. D.A. Wolf says:

    This post made me smile. I also have sons – in their 20s, and neither lives close by – they both love to eat well, drink well, and fortunately they both like to cook. After two decades of cooking for them, when they come to visit, we know all cook together with them doing most of the actual labor even if I am doing some of the “directing” (Thanks to a frozen shoulder).

    I couldn’t agree more – a visually beautiful and uber-tasty dinner at our round family table on nice China with a great bottle of wine (or two) – piggin and swiggen – myself with one son (who can visit more often) and his girlfriend, or myself and both sons at holiday time – the best kind of dinner party indeed.

    Loving your IG posts, and now your yummy blog.


    1. dpguru says:

      Thanks my dear. It is so nice actually entertaining your children rather than raising your children. Although both are special times. So happy that you are enjoying the blog. Keep sharing your magic.


  2. oh my will you come to my house and be my dinner party guru??


    1. dpguru says:

      Of course I would 🤗 How about this weekend 😃


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