Magical Chef’s Table at Hotel La Mirande – Avignon, France


While I LOVE entertaining at home I do LIKE the occasional special dinner out. That is just what hubby and I experienced recently at Hotel La Mirande in Avignon, France.

I learned of their CHEF’S TABLE experience while I was searching Instagram for the tag #Avignon. And what a FIND that was!

La Mirande is a historic ****** (five ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️) hotel directly across the street from the Pope’s Palace. Originally it was a cardinal’s mansion in the 14th century. The Renovations are to DIE FOR and could be the perfect setting for a French Downton Abbey.

The Chef’s Table is limited to 14 people and is in the historic kitchen of the hotel ~ complete with wood burning stove and of course gleaming copper.

We decided to go early and have drinks ~ to feel more like ourselves and get ready to be pampered by a Chef other than me 🙂.

The atmosphere enveloped us right away and of course our Texas twangs became upper class British and aristocratic French instead.

Here is a recap of the rest of the evening.

Drinks in the Wine Cellar

Our lovely chef’s assistant came into the lobby to gather us all under her wing and led us down a twisting (and dark) spiral staircase to the wine cellar.

Once there (without any casualties) we sipped wonderful white Bordeaux and nibbled on truffle pate. Yum 😋

Up to the Kitchen

After about an hour or so(lose track when your glass is never empty) we went upstairs to the original kitchen. I was in HEAVEN!

The old fashioned table was set with Provence style dishes and wonderful herb 🌿/flower 🌹 arrangements. The wood burning stove was going and delicious smells were wafting. Only thing that could have been even better was if I could have put my apron on!

Not sure if I could match our wonderful chef though.

The Menu

Our first course was a wonderful creamy mushroom based soup with crunchy French bread for SOPPING.

Main Course was a delicious SURPRISE, roast PIGEON. At first I was like ewww… but apparently these are not the ones you feed in the park(at least I hope not). IT WAS WONDERFUL. Served with a full bodied French red wine.

Dessert was definitely the finale to a great dinner – Poached Pears with creme fraiche.

Lingering Conversations & Evening’s End

As the dinner wound down we were all reluctant to leave. With full stomachs, good conversation, the blush of a great wine and candlelight who would?

As we left we both agreed it was a MAGICAL night and the highlight of our trip. Thanks La Mirande for an enchanting evening. Until we meet again...

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Marie Barnhart says:

    DPG – you definitely captured the magic of the evening! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading it.


    1. dpguru says:

      Thanks Marie. You would have loved it.


  2. LA CONTESSA says:

    I know exactly where that is!LOVED AVIGNON.What a delightful experience too!Were most of the guests AMERICAN or did you have a smattering of different cultures?HAPPY SPRING AMANDA…….may we all survive this LOCKDOWN with good FOOD and OUR HEALTH!XX


    1. dpguru says:

      It was a wonderful night. The quests were mostly American plus one couple from Canada. Take care of yourself during and after your lockdown. Cook a lot and think of the fun we will have later.


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