For the Love of a Sitting Room

I have always LOVED a SITTING ROOM ~ what is that you may ask? Let me explain so that you may fall in love too!


I lived in Memphis for many years and they are noted (at least by me 🤓) for their decorators’ show houses ~ You know where a bunch of very talented folks go into an old Southern mansion and DO IT UP!

Never will I forget this small room that was like stepping into a gorgeous jewel box … beautifully decorated but squishy and comfortable all at the same time … it was called “The Tuck Box”.


What a wonderful name for a sitting room. That place where you simply TUCK yourself in and are cocooned in your own world. Doesn’t matter what is going on in the outside world ONCE YOU STEP INSIDE. Getting the idea?

Here are some ideas I have used to create my own Tuck Box.

🌿 Include something just a little QUIRKY that only you know the history of

There is a Parisienne Bistro in Aspen named Crêperie du Village. It really is like Paris and one of the things they have there to evoke that feeling are beautiful bottles of wine on wire shelves. Since I love it so much I created my own little Crêperie du Village corner in my Tuck Box.

🌿 Incorporate your COLLECTIONS that make you smile

OLD TYPEWRITERS have always fascinated me. I wonder about people in the past that have typed no telling WHAT on them. It transports me when I see them in the Sitting Room.

🌿 Choose a small room that has a beautiful view in early morning and at twilight.

A Tuck Box is designed to be a special place just for you and maybe one other person (Mr. Randy of course 😘). Usually it is the first place you go in the morning and the last place you leave at night.

🌿 Include personal items that have great value to you

Theses are some pictures of MOM when she was a little girl. Wasn’t she just the prettiest little thing? I love seeing these every time I sit in there.

🌿 Choose only the most comfortable seating.

When you Tuck in you want to be comfortable! In my Tuck Box I have two very comfortable leather chairs but I think a soft velvet sofa would do very NICELY too!

🌿 Share your Tuck Box with those most special to you.

For me it is these TWO, Randy and Mr. Finnegan. In the evening seeing Randy in his chair reading and Mr. Finnegan softly snoring it really is heaven. And that is what a Tuck Box is all about!


I would love to hear in the comments about the space you have for tucking in. Let me know and now off to my special place. Happy Tucking!!

Credit for first picture ~ Designer: Kit Kemp via Pinterest

Credit for velvet sofa ~ Image via Pinterest

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